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BEIKS' new Keyboard Locker 2 for BlackBerry puts a stop to random calls in latest BlackBerry OS version

DALLAS (April 19, 2010) - - BEIKS LLC, the world leader in language, reference and utility applications for mobile devices, is pleased to announce the all-new version of its popular keyboard lock utility application for BlackBerry smart phones.

Like many other BEIKS applications, the original Keyboard Locker was developed out of a pure necessity: any BlackBerry carried in a pocket or purse would start placing calls as a result to its keyboard buttons being involuntarily pressed.

The application was released as a freeware as it was barely a minor extension to the built-in keyboard locking functionality that the BlackBerry operating system offered. Being simple and free, it quickly gained positive reviews on AppWorld, the premiere venue for BlackBerry applications.

A recent update to the BlackBerry OS - specifically version (and possibly others) - has changed the game.

It introduced an annoying - to many - requirement to set up a password in order for the keyboard locking functionality to kick-in.

Being barely an extension to that built-in functionality, the BEIKS keyboard locker could not work around this requirement and appeared malfunctioning.

The new version addresses this very problem thus enabling all users of the latest BlackBerry OS to lock their devices in the simple and convenient fashion they were used to.

It also adds some desired features that could not have been added to the previous version, partially because of the way it was implemented and partially because it was not practical to keep evolving a freely available application. Those include custom icon for manual keyboard lock activation, easier access to configuration screen, disabling of the lock functionality in phone application (to be soon extended with others) and more.

The new Keyboard Locker is commercially available at and

The original version is still available at no cost to everyone who can benefit it.

BEIKS LLC ( is a privately-held company with headquarters in Dallas, TX and a European branch in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The company develops and publishes applications for mobile platforms such as BlackBerry, Windows Mobile , Android and Palm OS.

One of the pioneers of the mobile software business, BEIKS is best known for its BEIKS Dictionary Reader (BDicty) series of language and reference dictionaries, travel phrasebooks and spelling checkers.

The BEIKS software catalog now includes over 300 reference, education, entertainment, development and other titles available on the major mobile platforms.

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