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BEIKS announces major update of LexSpell spelling checker for BlackBerry smart phones

DALLAS (March 20, 2010) - - BEIKS LLC, the world leader in language and reference applications for mobile devices, announces a new version of its proofing solution for BlackBerry smart phones.

One of the late arrivals on the BlackBerry proofing tools scene, LexSpell was the first free spelling checker for BlackBerry handhelds operating in offline mode and not requiring the use of Internet connection.

Proofing solutions used to be a great market for 3rd party BlackBerry application until a few years back when it was added as a standard OS offering by RIM.

That market has been shrinking since then, but contrary to our own expectations and beliefs there are still a lot of users - apparently many enough - to justify the investment in another application update. And a major one.

LexSpell 2.6 introduces proofing of outgoing SMS and MMS messages as long requested by application users; it also comes in a separate download for BlackBerry Storm devices (both Storm and Storm 2 supported) thus allowing for optimal user experience on both platforms (keyboard and touch screen); improved are both application integration and interface and navigation, affected by some recent BlackBerry OS updates.

Finally, as a result of popular demand from the medical community - BlackBerry seems to have a stronghold there - a new medical proofing database is released, containing over 50,000 specialized terms and complementing the existing language word lists.
And just like the language databases it comes at no additional cost!

Another specific of the new release is the requirement of BlackBerry Handheld System version 4.2.1 or higher, whereas the previous version required version 4.2.0.

The application's licensing model for individual users is best described as "donationware": the downloadable distributive installs a fully functional, unlimited version in which users are only invited, but not anyhow required or forced to, make a purchase in order to use.

Enterprise licenses are also available at attractive discounts.

BEIKS reserves the right to change the distribution model and registration fee at any given time and without prior notice.

LexSpell is available for immediate download directly to a BlackBerry handset via the mobile web site of the company The main product page can be found at

Registered LexSpell users can obtain their unlocking keys for the latest version at no additional cost at

BEIKS LLC ( is a privately-held company with headquarters in Dallas, TX and a European branch in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The company develops and publishes applications for mobile platforms such as BlackBerry, Windows Mobile , Android and Palm OS.

One of the pioneers of the mobile software business, BEIKS is best known for its BEIKS Dictionary Reader (BDicty) series of language and reference dictionaries, travel phrasebooks and spelling checkers.

The BEIKS software catalog now includes over 300 reference, education, entertainment, development and other titles available on the major mobile platforms.

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