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BEIKS adds Arabic keyboard layout for InterType for BlackBerry smart phones

DALLAS (March 1, 2010) - - BEIKS LLC, the world leader in language and reference applications for mobile devices, announces the addition of Arabic language to InterType, its popular input extension utility for BlackBerry smart phones.

InterType is a software application allowing users to enter text in languages not readily available as keyboard layouts for the BlackBerry.

It extends the device's use for essential tasks such as composing emails and short messages as well as performing web searches in those languages.

There are several different keyboard layouts pre-defined for each language so that users can pick the one that best fits their needs based on device model and personal preferences.

The new Arabic keyboard extension comes with two layouts - Arabic standard for use on BlackBerry phones with standard QWERTY keyboard and Arabic standard for multi-tap, optimized for use on BlackBerry devices with SureType keyboard.

BEIKS is working to add support for even more languages and better layouts for the existing ones.

InterType will work on any BlackBerry smart phone running BlackBerry OS 4.2 and higher. It also supports the soft-touch keyboard found in the BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Storm 2 models.

There are some conditions and restrictions to using the application.

For example, InterType does not add fonts allowing the display of the corresponding language. Instead, it relies on the BlackBerry's underlying operating system to supply the proper glyphs when and where needed.

Fonts for various languages are either built-in the OS or available as free additions to it, based on device model and operating system.

On another note, due to the tight BlackBerry OS security InterType is subject to all the rules and limitations that all other applications are, while actually trying to serve as a common utility that can be utilized by built-in and 3rd party applications alike. For example, on devices running OS version prior to 5 InterType can not be invoked in 3rd party applications like DataViz's Office suite because the OS prohibits 3rd party applications communicating with other 3rd party applications.
OS version 5 removes that obstacle and InterType can be invoked in all installed applications alike.

To learn more and download a free evaluation copy please visit the InterType's home page at

Keyboard layouts cost $10 to keep as of March 2010. BEIKS reserves the right to change the price in the future.


BEIKS LLC ( is a privately-held company with headquarters in Dallas, TX and a European branch in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The company develops and publishes applications for mobile platforms such as BlackBerry, Windows Mobile , Android and Palm OS.

One of the pioneers of the mobile software business, BEIKS is best known for its BEIKS Dictionary Reader (BDicty) series of language and reference dictionaries, travel phrasebooks and spelling checkers.

The BEIKS software catalog now includes over 300 reference, education, entertainment, development and other titles available on the major mobile platforms.

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