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BEIKS Introduces the First Version of its Popular Dictionary Reader for Users of Google's Android Devices

DALLAS (February 05, 2010) - - BEIKS LLC, the world leader in reference and language titles for mobile devices, announces support of its popular BEIKS Dictionary reference platform for Google's Android devices.

BEIKS Dictionary Reader is the award-winning handheld dictionary reader that enables users to view reference materials including bilingual and monolingual dictionaries, as well as biblical, professional medical and legal reference works, such as the award-winning BEIKS Medical Dictionary and MedicineNet’s Medications Guide & Pocket Medical Encyclopedia. Searching through these dictionaries is simple since the list of potential matching words is continuously updated as queries are being typed.

The initial release includes several key features such as full media card support, voice recognition of English words taking users to the nearest word in the dictionary, ability to see words with their translations on the same screen, dictionary browsing with fast word positioning and others.

“BEIKS Dictionary Reader is one of those essential add-on applications, and once it is used for the first time, people wonder how they lived without it,” said Bobby Kolev, president of BEIKS LLC. “We are delighted to provide Android users with a new world of portable language and reference resources, delivering on our promise to offer the most robust and useful handheld dictionaries on the market to every major mobile computing platform.”

BEIKS Dictionary solutions are designed to work on all Android devices currently available on the market. BEIKS’ proprietary database format allows all reference data to be highly compressed, making the most of Android extensions and resulting in faster searches and less memory requirements.

The dictionaries are available for free download and test for 15 days, at their full capabilities. Current product offerings vary from free to $19.95 and can be found in the Android section of BEIKS’ website:


BEIKS LLC ( is a privately-held company with headquarters in Dallas, TX and a European branch in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The company develops and publishes applications for mobile platforms such as BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile® , Android® and Palm OS®.

One of the pioneers of the mobile software business, BEIKS is best known for its BEIKS Dictionary Reader (BDicty) series of language and reference dictionaries, travel phrasebooks and spelling checkers.

The BEIKS software catalog now includes over 300 reference, education, entertainment, development and other titles available on the major mobile platforms.

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