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BEIKS introduces BlackBerry version of Woman Calendar, the popular Natural Family Planning and Ovulation Calendar helper on the go

DALLAS (Mar 19, 2009) - - BEIKS LLC, the world leader in language and reference applications for mobile devices, announces immediate availability of its popular application Woman Calendar for BlackBerry devices.
Woman Calendar helps women and families practicing Natural Family Planning and Fertility Awareness Methods by enabling accurate prediction of future menstrual and fertility periods.

Initially created to help childless families attempting to conceive, the NFP methods are gaining increasing popularity due to their all-natural, non-invasive approach and the wide range of applications they bring to the table.

From knowing the best date and even time for conceiving to knowing the future periods and planning trips and vacations accordingly to helping doctors determine a correlation between seemingly unrelated events such as allergy or headache and ovulation period symptoms - those are only some of the benefits of Natural Family Planning.

Building on NFP Woman Calendar brings its convenience to wherever it is needed, be it for quick data entry or a quick reference.

The application was first released in 2000 and is quite possibly the very first of its kind to have been used on a mobile electronic device. Tens of thousands of women and families around the world have used it since then.

This new release brings the familiar expertise, functionality and ease of use to the BlackBerry user community, the largest smart phone user group in United States and one of the most dynamic ones in the world.

Featured are the essential calendar-like view where data can be entered quickly and references can be made at a glance, the temperature chart for the more accurate Temperature Method, automatic registration of appointments with the device's built-in Calendar application and others.

Configurable parameters assure optimal adjustment to the needs of women with less common period parameters - longer, shorter, atypical luteal phase etc.

Data synchronization is not available in this first release, but a backup and restore function to media card make it easy to both save and transfer data between devices should the need arise.

“More and more people turn to Natural Family Planning every day for making wise decisions about when and how to have children,” said George Zashev, product manager for Woman Calendar in BEIKS LLC. “When we did the usual public beta testing before releasing this first version for BlackBerry we were overwhelmed with the reception...I guess this kind of application sort of touches something deeply just have to see to believe.”

Woman Calendar for BlackBerry will work on any BlackBerry running BlackBerry OS version 4.2 and higher, including the latest BlackBerry Storm models.

A fully functional, 10-day evaluation version can be downloaded at the BEIKS mobile website .
It would cost $14.95 to keep the application beyond the evaluation period.

DISCLAIMER: BEIKS would like to remind to Woman Calendar users that the application is no substitute for a medical expert and should only be used as a supplemental instrument to the basic understanding of how NFP works, the benefits it offers and the risks involved in its improper use.



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