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BEIKS announces Pilot Lines for Google's Android mobile platform

DALLAS (Feb 19, 2009) - - BEIKS announces Pilot Lines for Google's Android platform

Pilot Lines is BEIKS' port of Color Lines - one of the most popular and addictive games that has come from the Soviet Union in the 80s.

A game of skill and luck, Lines offers practically endless game play combinations resulting in hours of pure fun.

After having it ported for Palm OS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry the game is now available for yet another mobile OS - Google's Android.

This is the second BEIKS title for Android, coming only a month after the announcement for supporting the platform.

"We believe Android's popularity is set to explode in future. Both the technical and the business prospects of the platform are great. Netwalk, Lines and possibly a few more of our games are only a way to get real feel of both the technology and the marketplace. We are in the process of porting our major reference catalog to Android - dictionaries, phrase books, proofing tools and everything else that BEIKS is about." said Bobby Kolev, president of BEIKS.

The shareware version of Pilot Lines for Android can be downloaded to any Android phone  - currently only T-Mobile's G1 - directly from or from .

A limited version is also available from Android Market at no cost.

The full version will also be made available when Google allows commercial apps to be listed in their Market.


BEIKS LLC ( is a privately-held company with headquarters in Dallas, TX and a European branch in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The company develops and publishes applications for mobile platforms such as BlackBerry, Windows Mobile , Palm OS and Android.

One of the pioneers of the mobile software business, BEIKS is best known for its BEIKS Dictionary Reader (BDicty) series of language and reference dictionaries, travel phrasebooks and spelling checkers.

BEIKS' software catalog now includes a growing list of over 300 titles across all major mobile platforms.

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