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BEIKS expands its Italian-English dictionary, provides free updates of all derivate dictionary titles for Palm OS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry applications

DALLAS (Oct 23, 2008) - - BEIKS expands its Italian-English dictionary, provides free updates of all derivative dictionary titles for Palm OS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry mobile dictionary applications

BEIKS is happy to announce immediate availability of an updated and significantly expanded version of its Italian-English dictionary for mobile devices.

In addition to the standard content revisions and improvements in an update the new release features thousands of new headwords, mostly verb inflections. The articles for those inflections provide detailed information such as the tense type, form and root infinitive for the inflection.

"We believe this extension significantly increases the product value for both occasional translation reference needs and especially in the process of language learning. Like many of our developments, it has been driven by BEIKS customers and very well received by internal focus groups" , said Bobby Kolev, president of BEIKS LLC.

Unlike English, where verb inflections and tense forms are relatively simple, in Italian there can often be 5, 10 or more different forms of a verb depending on the tense. It is often hard, especially for a novice user, to figure the proper tense and even the core infinitive by the inflection alone.

The new extension solves that problem by adding some 30,000+ inflections for to the core dictionary headword list.

BEIKS also has a related product, a Verb Conjugator, which provides the verb inflections for a given verb and desired tense.

The current update is immediately available at no extra cost to all registered BEIKS English-Italian dictionary users for Palm OS, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile powered devices, as well as all derivative products such as multi-language bundles.

To download the update registered users can simply go to the according product page in the Palm, Windows Mobile or BlackBerry section at the BEIKS website, or log-in to the customer-only area of the site at


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