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BEIKS announces support for media cards in its talking travel phrase books for BlackBerry

DALLAS (Aug 13, 2008) - - BEIKS LLC updates its line for travel phrase books for BlackBerry® smart phones, adds support for media cards and no-cost upgrade.

The BEIKS travel phrase books are targeted towards international travelers wanting to get a quick introduction to the most popular phrases in a foreign language.

It contains a few hundred phrases organized in categories, with the ability to quickly seek and filter only phrases that contain a particular keyword, e.g. "sorry" or "pharmacy".

One particularly useful feature is the ability to actually hear the local phrase, recorded as pronounced by a native speaker. This is a great benefit as it helps in both learning the language and understanding it on the streets. Hearing a clear and prompt pronunciation makes significant difference to other similar products using a synthesized voice, which is rarely understandable and often flat out incorrect.

This great feature comes at a price, though, and the price is the amount of memory it takes to store all recorded pronunciations - even with the latest audio compression technologies.

The new line of phrase books by BEIKS solves this problem by letting the large audio files to be stored on the device's media card, just as all other audio and video files can.

The talking phrase books are now available for Arabic, Chinese, French, Dutch, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish languages.

Trial versions can be downloaded from and (for direct download to a BlackBerry) .

A single language phrase book can be purchased for $19.95 and bundles of 4 or more languages are also available.

Users who have purchased a phrasebooks in the past can upgrade at no additional cost by downloading the latest version, installing it over the previous one and then activating it with a key that can be obtained from .

For volume licenses and other sales inquiries please contact .


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