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BEIKS announces BeFTP - an FTP client for BlackBerry smart phones

DALLAS (March 11, 2008) - - BEIKS LLC announces BeFTP 1.0 for BlackBerry smart phones.

BeFTP is a file transfer protocol (FTP) application, allowing users to download and upload files from the device to remote file servers (FTP servers).

BeFTP was developed as a by-side product of BEIKS' efforts to allow users of its products to utilize the media cards of their BlackBerry devices for storing large content files such as dictionaries, phrase books, audio pronunciation files, Bibles etc.

By design, BlackBerries do not permit downloading content to the media card, unless it is in the limited set of audio or video formats that the phone recognizes; even then, it imposes size limitations that would prevent large reference materials such as a dictionary or a Bible or other e-book to be download.

This is where BeFTP comes in.

The application allows for remote file servers to be contacted and browsed and desired files to be downloaded to either the media card or the main memory, usually the media card. There is no limit to the size or type of the files to be downloaded.

FTP clients are used since the early days of the Web mostly due to their efficiency in transferring files, particularly when uploading files. They are also used by system administrators for manual data replication and synchronization.

For more details please visit BeFTP's home page at .

A fully-functional copy of BeFTP can be downloaded at no cost directly to a BlackBerry from the BEIKS' mobile site at .

BEIKS grants its product users and customers a free, limited license to use BeFTP to download files from the BEIKS' public web server.

Use of the application for other needs requires a commercial license. It costs $10 to individual users.
Volume discounts apply for enterprise licenses.

BeFTP can also be licensed as a component to be used by 3rd party applications such as medical, legal and other data-intensive applications, for the purpose of downloading and updating content to the media card.
Interested companies are welcome to contact BEIKS.


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