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BEIKS announces new site, updates Talking Phrase Books line for the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform

DALLAS (September 20, 2006) - - BEIKS LLC, the world leader in reference and language titles for mobile devices announces renewed support for the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform.

BEIKS has revealed a revamped Windows Mobile Smartphone section of its website. At Windows Mobile smartphone users can easily find all BEIKS products for their devices.

Simulatenously, the over-the-air version of the BEIKS website, BEIKS has also announced immediate availability of the updated and enhanced line of its popular talking phrase books for Windows Mobile smartphones.

Electronic phrase books are modern time equivalent of the classic paperbook solutions allowing users to learn key phrases needed when traveling aboad. Phrases are organized by categories and the application design allows for convenient one-hand operation as expected in a smartphone application.
Native voice pronounciation in the target language is supplied for each phrase and text key to pronounciation is made available where possible.

The talking phrase books are based on the BEIKS Dictionary Reader for Windows Mobile Smartphone (a.k.a. BDicty, pronounced "bee-dikti"). The new version 3.0 of the core application offers enhanced support for Windows Mobile smart phones with QVGA displays as the popular iMate and SDA brands, the Motorola Q, as well as phones with square displays such as the Palm Treo line for Windows Mobile.

The new release also improves the audio quality of the recorded phrase pronounciations while decreasing the raw size of each distributive..

The following talking phrase books for international travelers are currently available for immediate download, evaluation and purchase:

Talking English-Arabic Travel Phrase Book
Talking English-Chinese Travel Phrase Book
Talking English-French Travel Phrase Book
Talking English-German Travel Phrase Book
Talking English-Greek Travel Phrase Book
Talking English-Hebrew Travel Phrase Book
Talking English-Hungarian Travel Phrase Book
Talking English-Italian Travel Phrase Book
Talking English-Japanese Travel Phrase Book
Talking English-Portuguese Travel Phrase Book
Talking English-Russian Travel Phrase Book
Talking English-Spanish Travel Phrase Book
Talking English-Turkish Travel Phrase Book


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