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BEIKS announces new version of Noah Bible Study Viewer - the first BlackBerry application dedicated to Bible studies

DALLAS (December 13, 2005) - - Beiks LLC, the world leader in language and reference solutions for mobile devices, is proud to announce the latest and greatest, second major release of Noah Bible Viewer for BlackBerry phones!

Noah Bible study viewer is similar to what one can find on other mobile platforms - a generic Bible viewer with ability to load and operate multiple books, navigate quickly within a book, add bookmarks, notes etc.

Initially developed in response to popular user demand, the Noah Bible study viewer was the first application to address the needs of the Christian community on the BlackBerry mobile platform in a professional manner.

This fully offline solution will let you install and carry any combination of the available Bible translations into your BlackBerry, making them available anywhere you go, coverage or not. Get public domain Bible translations like KJV, ASV, the Spanish Reina-Valera translation and more for free!

The new version 2 of Noah Bible Viewer is substantially different under the hood than the older version. For a starter, it requires BlackBerry OS version 4 or higher in order to install at all. New application features like color output, notes under line, over-the-air download, ability to select the output font size, quick book/chapter/verse navigation via direct keyboard entry, unification of KJV and ASV Old Testament and New Testament books into one volume and introduction of some new public domain translations.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the new version 2.0 to end users is the ability to offer more modern and complex Bible translations like the New International Version, the New King James Version, the Message and others.

Noah Bible Viewer can be downloaded from - trial version downloads are free and let you evaluate the application for full 10 days! The registration is only $19.95.

Registered users: the upgrade to version 2 is a commercial upgrade with the exception of users who have bought the viewer in the 30 days prior to the release of the new version. Those are automatically upgraded in the BEIKS database.
All other customers are offered a significant upgrade discount and, should they decide to upgrade, should do that by logging on in the MYSTUFF area of the BEIKS website and following the upgrade link under their original order.

The new Noah Bible Viewer 2 could not read Bible translations for the old 1.x versions and vice versa. Even more, the new and the old versions of Noah Bible Viewer will not co-exist nicely on the same BlackBerry.
That also means all bookmarks created with the previous viewer will be lost upon installing the new one.

While the installer of the version 2 will try to automatically uninstall the older application module from the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, it is highly recommended that you manually uninstall the older viewer and modules before installing the new version!

BEIKS LLC ( is a privately-held company with headquarters in Dallas, TX. The company specializes in developing and distributing essential applications for mobile platforms such as Palm OS, Windows CE, Sharp Zaurus and BlackBerry. Founded in 1997, the company is best known for its BDicty Dictionary Reader, one of the most popular dictionaries for handheld devices on the market. BEIKS' product list now includes a growing catalog of over 250 titles across all major mobile platforms.

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