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BEIKS launches Toxic Balls for Palm OS 5 handhelds

Beiks is proud to announce the long anticipated release of its latest game, especially designed for the later generation Palm handhelds, powered by fast ARM processors and capable of superior 16-bit graphics.

Toxic Balls is a classic arcade shooter in which the player is destined to save the world - in this case from the toxic chemicals with unusual bouncing and splitting behavior.

The all-new, native ARM based game engine will only let the game be played on the later generation handhelds running Palm OS 5 and based on the fast ARM processors. Stunning graphics, the background music and sound effects are the benefits gained for trading compatibility with older devices.

With 32 unique missions of increasing difficulty, the game guarantees at least a few hours of uninterrupted game play - far longer entertainment than any movie ticket of same value could provide.

"After a long pause, I am glad to see Beiks returning to the scene with a game like this one. This is certainly the best I have seen so far [from Beiks] and, being the last and first in a long time, I hope it opens the promises for more in near future; the Russian roulette idea from Pilot Lines 3 must have worked really well and I am actually glad, for this is a very original way to prompt game registrations", said Jamie Lee, a Beiks customer and focus group beta tester.

Toxic Balls is immediately available for purchase at for only $10.00; owners of other Beiks games were also invited to get the game at a special introductory price, a standard practice for the company.


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