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BEIKS calls for beta testers for its new all-native ARM action game for Palm handhelds

Beiks seeks beta testers for its new action game for Palm OS 5 powered handhelds with a resolution of at least 320x320

Powered by pure 100% ARM code and featuring direct screen access and background sound, the game runs on the cutting edge of the device's capabilities, which is why it is so important that it is carefully test before its official release.

A few sample screenshots are given below:

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If you have an ARM powered (Palm OS 5 aka Palm OS Garnet) device with at least 320x320 display (Treo 650 OK, Treo 600 not, sorry) and would like to participate in the beta test, please email us at tb-at-beiks-com with details about your hardware configuration.

Due to the expected high demand, this invitation is ONLY VALID until January 5 2005; if you read this message after that date, just ignore it. Finally, the tryouts will be limited to the first 5-10 people of every unique device category, so please excuse us if we tell you the list has already been filled.

Beiks wishes happy new year to all its past and future customers and partners, now hundreds of thousands!

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