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BEIKS Announces Major Update to MedicineNet’s Pocket Medical Encyclopedia for Users of Palm OS and Pocket PC PDAs

New reference guide puts invaluable medical information in the hands of anyone concerned about health-related issues

DALLAS (November 15, 2004) - - Beiks LLC announces a major upgrade to its MedicineNet Pocket Medical Encyclopedia for Palm OS and Pocket PC handheld devices. The reference guide now includes more than 15,000 entries of medical terms, written and compiled entirely by U.S. board certified physicians, which can provide quick and easy access to healthcare related information whenever and wherever a user may need it.

Often, the times a person needs quick answers to medical questions they are not near a desktop computer or printed medical encyclopedia. The MedicineNet Pocket Medical Encyclopedia enables anyone with a Palm OS or Pocket PC PDA or smartphone to carry vast amounts of information in their pocket or purse. The information found in the Pocket Medical Encyclopedia includes not only standard medical terms but also pertinent scientific items, abbreviations, acronyms, jargon, institutions, projects, symptoms, syndromes, eponyms, and medical history.

The MedicineNet Pocket Medical Encyclopedia comes equipped with the latest version of Beiks’ award-winning BDicty Dictionary Reader, enabling users to view a wide variety of reference works available from The newest version of BDicty has been upgraded with improved navigation features that have been requested by users. Further, BDicty now offers advanced data compression and cross-linkage between data files to significantly decrease the size of the data while increasing the number of entries available in the encyclopedia. The result is a 50% increase in content data, yet a 40% decrease in the required memory resources of the handheld device.

“Beiks is committed to offering the best and most comprehensive medical reference resources for both consumers and medical practitioners,” said Bobby Kolev, president of Beiks LLC. “We are proud that our customers include thousands of happy consumers who need ready access to medical information, but also hospitals, medical facilities, and EMS centers.”

The MedicineNet doctors are proud to have authored the Webster’s New World™ Medical Dictionary First and Second Editions published by Wiley Publishing, Inc.
MedicineNet’s content is used by libraries, government agencies, doctor’s offices, pharmacy networks, hospitals, insurance organizations, medical schools, and other healthcare organizations worldwide.

"The MedicineNet Pocket Encyclopedia gives quick and convenient access to important medical information to users of mobile devices,” said William C. Shiel, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.P., Chief Medical Editor and co-founder of "Each entry is written in lay language to present helpful insights into health and medical issues. At MedicineNet, we take advantage of the doctor's role as educator to bring medical information to you!"

The MedicineNet Pocket Encyclopedia, including the enhanced Beiks Dictionary Reader, is available at for US$39.95.

About MedicineNet, Inc.
MedicineNet, Inc. is an online healthcare publishing company, creating proprietary consumer information that is produced by a network of 75+ U.S. board-certified physicians. Since 1996, it has been the trusted source for easy-to-read, in-depth, authoritative medical information via its robust, user-friendly, interactive web site at The Doctors of MedicineNet are also proud to author the Webster's New World™ Medical Dictionary now in its second edition, published by Wiley Publishing, Inc.

About Beiks LLC
Beiks LLC ( is a privately-held company with headquarters in Dallas. The company specializes in developing and distributing essential reference, education and entertainment applications for mobile platforms such as Palm OS®, Windows Mobile® and Pocket PC® and the popular BlackBerry® email solution platform.
Founded in 1997, the company is best known for its Beiks Dictionary Reader, one of the most popular dictionaries for handheld devices on the market. Beiks' product list now includes a growing catalog of over 250 titles across all major mobile platforms. Those include the award-winning Beiks Dictionary Reader dictionary series, games such as NetWalk, Karateka® and Pilot Lines, the Wall Street Financial Assistant business calculator, the Woman Calendar family planning organizer and many others.
The company’s Medical Dictionary was honored as Best Medical Application in the Handango Champion Awards of 2003 and 2004.

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